Managed Radiology Services

Managed Radiology Services.

Northern Light Medical Management, LLC establishes and manages Medical Group Practices across a variety of Radiology Operation Centers including Imaging Centers, OBLs, ASCs, Hospitals, and Healthcare Systems. Our expertise enables us to successfully meet the coverage needs of our partners as well as the medical needs of the Patient Populations they serve.

Our Areas of Expertise

Outpatient Facilities, Hospitals, & Healthcare Systems

Northern Light Medical Management, LLC will establish a newly formed practice (NewCo) for each Facility. These practices will function similarly to any local practice, but will be supported by our corporate infrastructure. Each local practice is staffed by sub-specialty trained Diagnostic, Vascular and Interventional, and Neuro-Interventional Radiologists who live in the communities they serve. A partnership with Northern Light Medical Management, LLC safeguards our partners against the ever changing and increasingly difficult to manage Facility-Based Radiology Practice Relationships.

By working in partnership with Northern Light Medical Management, LLC Outpatient Facilities, Hospitals, and Healthcare Systems will have continued and uninterrupted imaging coverage at their locations. Our local groups are tailored to meet the unique needs of each facility. Coverage options include onsite Vascular and Interventional Radiology coverage with after hours call, on-site & remote (supplemental) Diagnostic Imaging coverage to include Women’s Imaging, Neuroradiology, Cross-Sectional Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging, etc. and Neuro-Interventional Radiology Coverage at select locations. After hours, holiday, and overflow coverage is provided via Teleradiology. All studies are interpreted on each facility’s “native” system (PACS and VR) when a radiologist is present. Teleradiology studies are completed real time and are delivered back to each facility via an Hl/7 integration. In all scenarios our partners receive final reports. Northern Light Medical Management, LLC practices commit to meeting facility specific turn around time requirements based on case acuity.

Northern Light Medical Management, LLC is significantly different from its competitors in that it views each relationship as a “marriage”. Both parties (the facility and the group) are fully engaged in the process of building a local practice designed to best meet the needs of partner facilities and their patients. We establish regular monthly meetings with each Facility Leader and Department Head together with our Executive Leadership Team in order to ensure all facility, medical staff, and patient needs are met and any challenges are resolved quickly. Northern Light Medical Management, LLC believes in a “full transparency” approach when interacting with its customers and has adopted a “partnership” model with its customers rather than the typical “vendor” relationship generally experienced in the healthcare industry. Our Group Practices never compete with their hospital/health system customers. We do not establish competing services in any market where we provide hospital based services. We are happy to consider such initiatives through Joint Ventures with our hospital partners on an as needed basis.

Independent Physician Practices
and Groups

Are you a small to mid-sized independent radiology practice/teleradiology practice that is feeling the external pressures of practice consolidation, increased costs, and decreased reimbursements? Does your practice lack the infrastructure that Northern Light Medical Management, LLC can provide? A partnership with us may provide you with the relief that your practice needs to survive and thrive. We can remove the day to day operational and financial pressures you are experiencing and enable you to focus on what really matters to you, the practice and delivery of quality care to your patients.